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Special education referral process

We, teachers, evaluate students and monitor their progress everyday in one way or another. This evaluation process includes both formal and informal ways. This process can be used to measure their achievement levels and to make judgements about children’s learning behaviour. When a child demonstrates learning or behavioural difficulties, it is our job to identify … Continue reading Special education referral process

Personalised learning in 21st century classrooms

As educators, we often think and discuss about how our classrooms and strategies to serve 21st century children? How can we teach the desired needed skills to our young learners? I truly believe that a 21st century student must acquire skills like innovative thinking, critical thinking, problem solving and should be able to use incorporate … Continue reading Personalised learning in 21st century classrooms

Inclusive Education

Before I started working in Riyadh Multinational School, I never exposed to a culture where normal students are sharing their classroom with special needs children of their age. I appreciate any school when encourages all the children, regardless of their differences, are educated together for their benefits. I choose the topic ‘Inclusive Education’ as one … Continue reading Inclusive Education

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